Why clients work with us

We are all about Big New Ideas.

We create strategies and concepts. We do it fast and with momentum. Instead of spending 9 to 18 months on sound idea generation, we’d rather compress that into 1, 2 or 4 months. Our way of working is efficient and effective. We organise great minds coming together and keep the pace in creation and decision making. This enables teams and companies to move faster, whilst keeping the energy levels high.

We push the boundaries.

The economic value of our offer is a wealth of insights & great quality output, delivered faster than you would think. Besides creating great content, we also guide our clients in organisational transformation and capability building. We also help implementing strategies through internal activation. Compare all this to hiring a standard team of consultants, crunching their numbers in a dark room at the end of the hallway.

What we know and love

Strategy is what we know

What do we need to do to grow our brand? How do we stay relevant in a changing market or society? How can we accelerate our sustainability efforts? We know strategy. We help our clients understand what’s ahead and define the right strategy for their brands products or innovation approach.

Innovation is what we love

Talking about innovation; we love to innovate. Leveraging our creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to create the future is why we get out of bed in the morning. We translate market insights and strategies into concrete concepts for new products, services, brands, packaging or activations.

How we do it

Collaborative Innovation

We have a unique approach which we call ‘Collaborative Innovation’. We use the power of co-creation to find the best answers to client’s challenges. We design integral programs where we inspire, strategise, create, craft, experiment and validate. Our clients are part of our learning journey; we are in it together.

Strategy & Connecting

At Fronteer, we have 2 main blood types: Strategy and Connecting. One is responsible for finding the solution to challenges, the other recruits the best experts and stakeholders to join our creative sessions. Our co-creation tools are amongst the best in the industry and are applied globally. Our way of working is sticky and sometimes even addictive.

Our People

In 2008, James Veenhoff and Martijn Pater shared the idea for starting a strategy firm – but then a rather different one. Instead of the cold, hard consulting approach, Fronteer should be more about empathy, inclusiveness, positivity and collaboration – without losing the edge of being a great advisor. Hein van Es joined as a partner in 2015 and has been building the company with James and Martijn since.

10 years down the road, Fronteer is now growing fast, successful and true to its philosophy from the start. The energetic Fronteer team is a mix of Strategists, Expert Connectors and Office staff. With diverse backgrounds – from Strategic Product Designers to Anthropologists and Art Historians. All super smart. And a little bit crazy.

Holacracy - our way of working

In April 2016 we reinvented Fronteer and transformed into a holacracy: a system in which the work is organised – rather than the people – based on personal preferences, ambitions and ‘tensions’. It is holistic and autocratic. Everybody in our team fulfils multiple roles in multiple ‘circles’ that all belong to an ever-changing system. People can switch roles, and redesign the system.

And: there is no longer a boss. Effectively, Fronteer is run by everybody in the team. This sparks an entrepreneurial mindset, new ways of working and surprising new initiatives within the team. For example: we redesigned our entire salary model to be fully transparent. Now, everyone can see into each other’s paychecks.

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