It takes time, energy and practice to overcome the desire to conform to what is accepted and to push past the obvious

What we offer

Clarity and Concepts for growth

We help companies to find the next big thing and create impact. Our projects start with a tough strategic challenge. We create deep insight into the challenge, immerse ourselves into the topic and bring clarity to the challenge. Using co-creation in our approach, we translate this into actionable concepts for growth.

Organisational Transformation

We design processes and experiences that change people’s way of working. The way we approach challenges and work is contagious and inspires others to create different interactions, processes and policies. We help you get there.

A structured, creative and iterative approach

Understand & Define

A deep dive into the context of the project. Through a series of workshops we will form hypothesis, immerse ourselves in trends from (parallel) industries and form a deeper understanding of the customer target group. Based on these insights, we define the most promising routes to explore and create.

Explore & Create 

Together with internal and external experts from throughout the ecosystem we identify opportunities and co-create new ideas and concepts for growth – following an inspiring and solid, proven methodology for strategy development. In co-creation between lead consumers and the client concepts are validated and enriched to reach the next level.

Envision & Decide

In an interactive and structured setting all project learnings, starting hypotheses and concepts are discussed to identify strategic elements for growth, before making shared final conclusions and recommendations. Together we translate these into a compelling strategy, directions for growth and a future roadmap with actionable next steps.

Our project are always tailored to the challenge

Innovation programmes

The length of these projects vary from 1 to 6 months, in which we touch all stages of our innovation process. These programmes contain many of our signature tools. For example; we immerse ourselves in parallel perspectives. We use the Treehouse or Rooftop workshops to gain fresh insights, ideas and concepts for growth in expert co-creation.  We validate and enrich concepts with consumers in our Elevator workshop. And our Lighthouse methodology is used to define the right positioning for your brand, product or service.    

Fast tracks

In these pressure cookers we compress the project into a short timeline. For a single-topic design challenge we go through all stages of our process in a week using the Design Sprint methodology for rapid prototyping and user testing. For more explorative challenge we use our own Fast Track setup to leverage our signature tools in just a few days. These high intensity projects require committed teams and agendas from all stakeholders. But allow you to gain critical learnings quickly and deliver impact fast.

Digital Impact Studio

The proof of the pudding is in the eating of it. Fronteer has its own place where we bring ideas to life. New business models, impactful propositions, inventive interaction concepts, new ventures, they all materialise here. We have a group of visualisers, designers and prototypers that build digital MVPs. We rapidly prototype and validate in order to learn fast. We build mock-ups and front-end solutions in order to make impact quickly, and with many people. We seamlessly integrate this in our projects.

Over the years we have seen that strategy really hits home when people experience it. The quality of interactions determines success in the market. In a digital society you are as good as your on-line presence. Amongst others, we developed (award-winning) digital mobility services for Pon (Volkswagen),  prototyped new user experiences for LeasePlan, KPN, Das and Mentos and created category-breaking apps and solutions for ABN AMRO, Philips and Eneco. Strategy and concepts is our starting point. Execution is our endpoint.

Innovation mindset

We have four main principles for getting the most out of people:

Open Minded
Allow multiple external and internal perspectives: invite the best people to work with.

The power of play: create a safe place where people can be free to dream up stuff.  


Keeping a ‘high-energy’ constructive flow is instrumental in creating new ideas.

Dare to venture out to crazy, non-useful or otherwise super inspiring places. Then come back.

Innovation process

Innovation processes work best when they are easy to understand & share and include key stakeholders from different disciplines. And more importantly, they follow these three criteria:

Instead of taking 9 months: try taking 3 months, or 3 weeks, or 3 days. You are more likely to gain insights, momentum and a sense of accomplishment.

Be aware you might be mistaken, or you know only half the answer. Continuously update your thinking and be open for something much better.

If you want to crack a tough challenge, you need people you want to go all the way, and have the (mental) space to nail it.

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