Rooftop – Creating concepts for growth

In a Rooftop co-creation workshop we co-create a vision on the challenge and develop concepts for growth, together with experts.  A proven methodology; with visual support for inspiration and ideation. Experts typically include outspoken entrepreneurs, topic experts and influential visionaries.

  • When to use it? – New strategic directions, a vision for the future, concepts for growth.
  • What to expect? – An inspiring day with tangible strategic output, ready for the future.
  • Who are involved? – Change makers within and outside your field of innovation.

How it works

In a full day workshop we dive into a concrete challenge to generate new insights, ideas and identify opportunities and build concepts for growth. The workshop follows a structured co-creation approach based on years of experience. There are five key stages:

  • Vision: In the first stage of the workshop we co-create a vision on the challenge by sharing learnings from inspirational examples and best practices. What can we learn from others?
  • Challenge: Then, we dive deeper into the challenge. The client and challenge-owner shares more information about the why and what of the challenge to tackle. What is the context, what is happening? Why do we need to solve this challenge? What is the desired outcome?
  • Ideas: Based on this challenge brief we start the ideation stage of the workshop. In this stage we use our tried and tested “rapid map methodology” to generate many new ideas. After voting for the most promising, impactful or unique ideas, a selection of topics for concept development is made.
  • Concepts: In groups we bring these topics to the next level. Using a structured approach and a predefined set of questions, we translate the topics and ideas into concepts. Supported by a team of professional visualisers the concepts are illustrated and brought to life.
  • Advice: We finish the workshop with a final round of advice. In this round we highlight the most important outtakes and insights of the day.

When to use the Rooftop

The Rooftop co-creation workshop is ideal for working on complex challenges in the front end of innovation. With a large group of experts we create the collective capability to offer fresh perspectives, new insights and innovative solutions to your challenge. Consider this methodology when you are looking for:

  • New strategic directions
  • A vision for the future
  • New concepts for growth

Who we meet in Rooftop co-creation

Our in-house team of Connectors researches, identifies, interviews and selects a bespoke and hand-picked group of co-creation partners. The expert group is well balanced mix of partners, entrepreneurs, topic experts, customers and influential visionaries. All outspoken, quick thinkers, creative and constructive.

What outcomes to expect?

The Rooftop co-creation workshop offers fresh perspectives to the challenge, many new ideas and an inspired and energised team. With refined insights and strategic choices we create a clear vision for the future.  And most importantly, it delivers concrete concept directions for growth. Ready to refine, develop and validate.

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