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online co-creation

Online Co-creation is here to stay

With over 10 years of experience, we know the do’s and don’ts for successful co-creation. But while the world is settling for ‘the new normal’, we realized we learned a lot from a few months of working remotely.

Online co-creation enables us to work fast, globally, and with the same energy and creativity as the workshops we do in real life. And that’s why we believe it’s here to stay.


Are you looking to develop new products or services, validate your ideas, or make strategic plans? We help you with:

  • Online Expert Co-creation
  • Online Inspiration rooms
  • Online Strategy Development
  • Online Validation

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online co-creation

Online Expert Co-creation

Together with experts, we create ideas. Usually lots of them. Whether you’re developing a new product, service, space, or strategy, our online co-creation workshops help companies to identify concrete opportunities. In an online setting, we bring together inspiring experts with different perspectives, and from different time zones, to help you find novel and useful solutions.

New ideas and concepts
Global expert insights

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online co-creation inspiration rooms

Online Inspiration Rooms

What can car brands learn from premium gyms? What can a railway company learn from mycelium networks? In times like these, everyone can use a fresh perspective. Learn from disruptors, innovators, and inspirators in- and outside your category. In our Online Inspiration Rooms, you choose the topic, and we invite unexpected experts to surprise you with a fresh perspective.

Unexpected perspectives
A rich understanding of topics, trends, and sensitivities

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online co-creation concepting

Online Strategy Development

What is the future of your business, and what should be your role within it? In a series of online workshops, we guide teams in mapping out their territory and making guiding strategic choices. We offer an interactive and qualitative approach to better understand barriers, drivers, opportunities and trends: to break with old beliefs and make a fresh start in thinking.

Identified opportunities for growth
A guiding multi-year strategy

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Online Validation

Inspired by our unique approach to consumer validation; the Elevator, we organise various ways of online validation. In an online group setting, we apply co-creation methodologies to explore, validate and refine ideas and concepts – together with experts in clients. Or we use A/B testing and market research to find out what consumers really want.

Validated products and services
Ideas for improvement, enrichment and launch

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We are Fronteer : Experts in co-creation

We have been facilitating co-creation workshops for as long as we can remember. Now that we’ve taken our meetings online, we decided to transform our work too. Using tools like Zoom, Miro, and more, we deliver world-class online workshops. Want to know how we can help you out online? Talk to us!

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