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Want to keep momentum?
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online co-creation

The world has changed...

In just a few weeks, the world has changed. Most of us are working from home, trying to find ways to progress our business as usual. Rather than waiting for the world to turn back to normal, we are facing a new reality with new ways and streams of working.

How can you keep momentum? Fronteer is here to help. We help businesses with impactful strategies for future relevance. Even – in fact especially – in remote times.

Fronteer can help you quick start new ways of working with our following 5 products:

  • Online Expert co-creation
  • Online Facilitation
  • Online Inspiration rooms
  • Online Concepting & strategy
  • Online Validation
online co-creation

Online Expert co-creation

Do you want to keep momentum and identify concrete opportunities? Co-create with industry experts to find insightful and resourceful solutions. In an online setting we bring together experts with different perspectives to co-create ideas, new concepts and strategic answers to your challenge.

Refined insights & strategy; reality-checked opportunity territories and clear ideas for further development.

online co-creation facilitation

Online Facilitation

Need your meetings to run smoothly? Switching to online meetings can be quite the challenge. We have over 10 years of experience of facilitating workshops and meetings – online and offline. We offer a structured way of working and trained facilitators to help you get the most out of your online meetings.

Efficient online ways of working, energised team and concrete meeting outcomes to take to the next stage.

online co-creation inspiration rooms

Online Inspiration Rooms

In times like these… everyone can use a fresh perspective. What can we learn from disruptors, innovators and inspirators in- and outside your category? In our Online Inspiration Rooms you choose the topic, we invite top experts to join. Together, we get into an engaged and structured online discussion.

Fresh new perspectives and a rich understanding of topics, issues, trends and sensitivities; ready for new ideas.

online co-creation concepting

Online Concepting & Strategy

Want to plan for the future and make strategic choices? Our online concepting and strategy workshops offer an interactive qualitative approach to better understand barriers, drivers, opportunities and trends: to break with old beliefs and make a fresh start in thinking. Together we explore your challenge, identify opportunity areas and make strategic choices.

Clear insights & strategy, ready for further development.


Online Validation

Inspired by our unique approach to consumer validation; the Elevator, we organise various ways of online validation. In an online group setting we apply co-creation methodologies to explore, validate and refine ideas and concepts – together with experts in clients. Or we use A/B testing to find out what consumers really want.

A clear view on presented concepts; ideas for improvement, enrichment and launch.

We are Fronteer : experts in co-creation

With over 10 years of experience we know the do’s and don’ts for successful co-creation. We have been facilitating workshops for as long as we can remember. Now that we’ve taken our meetings online we decided to transform our work too.

That’s why we have successfully introduced new online ways of working, using tools like Zoom, Mural and more. Want to know how we can help you out online?

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