Whitepaper #1 | Co-creation’s 5 guiding principles – or what is co-creation made up of?

Companies and organisations are searching for tools to help them win their day-to-day battles. They are faced with increasingly challenging questions: where to find future growth? How to deal with the risk of commoditisation? How to innovate from the core? How to get – or stay – connected with customers?

Our clients ask us: can co-creation provide the answer? Our answer: Yes it can, but as with many other solutions, co-creation will only truly deliver if it’s done properly.

Co-creation is more than just a tool; it is a program of change. With 8 years of lead-user co-creation experience, Fronteer has identified a few strong recommendations to anyone wanting to venture out into this area.

In this white paper, we identify different types of co-creation (suitable for different types of challenges), present 5 guiding principles for success, discuss the value of co-creation and present a number of inspiring cases from around the world.

This White Paper discusses the following topics:

  • 4 Types of Co-creation
  • 5 Guiding Principles in Co-creation
  • 4 Areas of Value in Co-creation