Whitepaper #2 – 9 Ways to get your team ready for co-creation

We constantly work together with our clients across industries to shape the field of co-creation. This white-paper reflects discussions we have had and recommendations we have given to our clients.

Who will benefit from reading this:

For managers, CEO’s or employees who know co-creation can add value and who want to engage in it for the first time. They don’t know what barriers to expect – within the organisation or their team – and how to deal with them or solve them.

In this white-paper, we identify various barriers – both social, psychological and organisational – that can be encountered when starting co-creation and offer 9 ways to overcome these barriers and get your team ready for co- creation.

Fronteer works for global leaders in Communications, FMCG, Financial Services, Consumer Electronics, Internet Services and Consumer Durables.

This white-paper discusses the following topics:

  • Change process of co-creation
  • Organisational and Psychological & Social Barriers to co-creation
  • 9 Ways to get your team ready for co-creation