Whitepaper #5 – The 5 A’s of successful brands

This is the first Fs white paper about Brand Development. At Fronteer, we aim to support our clients’ growth and innovation ambitions by offering clarity and inspiration. By clarity we mean the reduction of complexity to map a clear way ahead; inspiration refers to momentum, enthusiasm and a compelling vision of what success might look like. The development of (sub)brands and branded propositions is often a part of our scope. Here too we aim for clarity and inspiration: to help our clients develop brand structures that are clear and compelling for themselves and colleagues, but – because of our focus on co-creation – also for other stakeholders like agencies and value chain partners.

This white-paper is for anyone who deals with brands professionally.

Many brand models already exist, nevertheless we felt the need to develop another; incorporating everything we know about brands from experience, what we read and think about what makes sense in terms of theory AND what clicks with clients in our projects & workshops. This model embodies our thinking on successful brands.

This white-paper introduces the Lighthouse Model.

We aimed to develop a model that takes customers and competition as a starting point and a brand’s stories as key sources for salience. A good brand model should of course support the development of ‘mental availability. Just as importantly, however, is that it inspires and enables marketing teams to confidently articulate ‘what they want to be to whom’ providing both a starting point for action and a ‘reality check’ for making choices.

The 5 A’s.

The most interesting part of the white-paper deals with 5 dimensions of brand attributes that drive premiumness or distinction. The Lighthouse model takes our ‘experience’-driven economy as a starting point, scratching the surface of the hollow phrase ‘emotional benefits’, providing a sharper perspective and usable framework for what the key dimensions of these benefits are: the 5 A’s of Authority, Authenticity, Aspiration, Artisanat and Affinity.