Whitepaper #3 – Co-create your sustainability strategy in 5 steps (co-author Green inc.)

In the last decade there has been a paradigm shift in how organisations face the challenge of Corporate Responsibility (CR). We have gone from asking ‘why be sustainable’, to measuring the impact of green initiatives, to developing sustainable strategic frameworks and finally to market & communicate sustainable practices, applying enterprise mechanisms to sustainability.

In this paper we propose a way to look at the relation between business strategy, sustainability and innovation through co-creation. We present a strategic framework to come to a sustainability definition & vision, and activate these through the relationship with stakeholders.

This is our third white-paper on co-creation

This white-paper was born from the cooperation of Fronteer & Green Inc. in several co-creation projects in the field of sustainability for industry leaders. It reflects recent discussions, learnings, insights and recommendations we have given to our clients.

Who will benefit from reading this

Managers, CEOs and employees who are dealing with – or are interested in – corporate (social) responsibility strategy and sustainable innovation, but don’t know how or where to start.

This white-paper discusses the following topics

  • 3 Levels of ambition for businesses in the field of sustainability
  • Involvement of stakeholders to co-create a sustainability strategy with
  • The Green Canvas to link short term initiatives to a long term sustainability strategy