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We apply collaborative innovation
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Unique to our approach:
Expert co-creation

Expert co-creation

Online Co-Creation unlocked

With over 10 years of experience we know the do’s and don’ts for successful co-creation. We have been facilitating workshops for as long as we can remember. Now that we’ve taken our meetings online we decided to transform our work too.

That’s why we have successfully introduced new online ways of working, using tools like Zoom, Mural and more. Want to know how we can help you out online? Click the link below!

The Expert Connectors

Strategic Connections

The services of The Expert Connectors are dedicated to always find top-notch industry experts. If you are looking for fresh insights from industry front-runners, there’s no one better suited for the job.

  • Connect with Industry front-runners
  • Explore new markets and trends
  • Set up for meaningful collaborations

Future Vision

We help our clients to understand where categories and industries are heading. We use our trend frameworks, Parallel Perspectives and expert co-creation sessions to get a grip on what comes next – in 2, 5 or even 10 years.

  • Appealing future scenarios
  • Clear role for your brand or organisation
  • Horizon 1,2 and 3 roadmap

Winning Propositions

Innovation requires a clear mind, serious creativity, wonderful imagination – and a solid process. With Treehouse expert co-creation and Elevator customer validation we get to the essence and deliver outstanding new propositions.

  • Customer-centric innovations
  • Starting point for a new strategy
  • Impact in the market

Unique Brand Positioning

Meaningful brands know what they stand for. Strong brands guide all organisations’ efforts. We apply our Lighthouse tool and co-creation approach to bring clarity in a complex world. We create new brands from scratch and revive others.

  • Differentiating brand purpose
  • Clear promise and ambition
  • Complete brand story and elements
Partnership co-creation

Stronger Partnerships

In this fast-changing world, organisations like to partner up. For our clients we design and deliver on partnership co-creation programmes. We tackle challenges together.

  • Going beyond transactions
  • Finding new paths for growth
  • Stronger ties

Impactful Coalitions

To tackle society’s biggest issues we need to step over boundaries. It demands a new model, the old one is obsolete. Putting together multiple (value chain) parties and facilitating an exciting and productive process is what we do.

  • Solutions to wicked problems
  • Inspired organisations
  • Ideas for change

Innovative Strategy

Taking decisions is not easy. But to work effectively you have to. Our approach to strategy is co-creative. Our tools help to make choices, fast and together. Work internally and externally to find answers to your questions.

  • Positive plan for growth
  • Purposeful choices
  • Inspiring and directional

New Culture

We can do better, but changing the way we work takes time. We apply what we learned ourselves as a holacratic organisation to our client’s businesses. We create quick-scans  and programs where we collaboratively create new culture.

  • Inclusive and bottom-up
  • Value and principle based
  • Actionable and concrete

Design Thinking: from insight to innovative solution

Central to our approach is the design thinking philosophy. A structured yet creative human-centred approach that consists of three stages to move from insight to solution.

We build a deeper understanding of trends and dynamics to define grounded insights as a starting point for designing the solution.

We apply a dynamic process of expert co-creation and validation to identify opportunities, co-create new ideas and build concepts for growth.

All project learnings, starting hypotheses and concepts are interpreted to identify strategic directions and a roadmap with actionable next steps.

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