Design Sprint – Rapid prototyping & user testing

The Design Sprint is a 5-day pressure cooker in which you and your team will answer critical questions to develop your digital solution. By involving both experts and end-users this framework will enable you to learn, build and test, all in order to refine your product and launch solutions faster. The process decreases your risk while making something people actually want! Sounds good right?

  • When to use it? – To prototype and validate a digital solution quickly
  • What to expect? – A fully prepared, inspiring and effective week
  • Who are involved? – Strategists, designers, developers ánd your team

How it works?

A Design Sprint is a fixed process that has been developed by Google Ventures. Its main goal is to be able to define, refine and test new ideas before you start spending too much time and money. Therefore, every day of the week has a predefined sub-goal. On Monday you identify the problem, on Tuesday you come up with solutions, on Wednesday you pick the best solutions, on Thursday you make a prototype and on Friday you will test that prototype.
In summary, a Design sprint will enable you to deliver fast and helps to gain critical product learnings quickly.

When to use a Design Sprint

If you want to move quickly, while having all stakeholders on board, a design sprint might suit your needs. The process has been build for product design challenges and is typically used for optimising and defining existing or new digital products that solve a clear and tangible problem. Examples could be optimising an online e-commerce shop or prototyping a new mobile application.

What outcomes to expect?

Besides creating a shared vision, a design sprint will deliver user journey maps, storyboards, context understanding and answers to your team’s shared set of vital questions. Last but not least, a first prototype will be built for you to test with real customers.

Do you have a new or existing product that would you like to optimise, build and test quickly? Let us know!

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