Elevator – our tool to validate and enrich concepts

The Elevator is our unique approach to validation. A compact research tool to validate & enrich your concept in co-creation with hand-picked stakeholders, users or expert consumers. Perfect for building on brand propositions, new innovations, campaigns, products and services.

  • When to use it? – Refine insights, test, validate and build concepts.
  • What to expect? – Real dialogues with consumers, concrete results & ideas, enrichment and strategic recommendations for launch.
  • Who are involved? – Stakeholders and/or expert consumers who bring critical, constructive and creative perspectives.

How it works

In a half-day pressure cooker we follow a structured, interactive and engaging process based on years of experience. We create a shared vision on the topic, validate concepts, identify opportunities for improvement and new ideas for further development. The workshop consists of three key stages:

  • Share: in the first stage of the workshop participants share their vision on topic at hand, triggered by examples that are inspirational to them. How do they look at our market? What defines their consumer behaviour?
  • Validate: Then we dive deeper into the challenge. The client and challenge-owner shares more information about the why and what of the challenge to tackle and the created concept directions.Through a structured system participants are asked to give feedback. What appeals to them? And what does not? What do they miss?
  • Co-create: From validation, we move on to co-creation. The final stage of this workshop is dedicated to elevating concepts to a higher level through co-creation. Using a worksheet, participants suggest improvements and discuss new ideas to make concepts even more appealing, distinctive and ready for the market.

When to use the Elevator

The Elevator workshop is especially useful for engaging in open stakeholder or consumer dialogues to understand their needs, thoughts and behaviours related to new concept or brand development. Do you need new insights, feedback or strategic directions for improvement and further development? This tool delivers just that. Consider using Elevator co-creation when you are in need of:

  • Fresh consumer insights
  • validation and refinement of concepts
  • strategic recommendations for further development and launch

Who we meet in Elevator co-creation

Our in-house team of Connectors researches, identifies, interviews and selects a bespoke and hand-picked group of co-creation partners. This group is a well balanced mix of stakeholders or lead consumers. Both users and non-users. All outspoken, quick thinkers, creative and constructive.

What outcomes to expect

At the end of this workshop you will have a clear view on the presented concepts; ideas for improvement, enrichment and launch. And an inspired and energised team; full with new insights from consumer dialogue.

With an abstract of the day, reality-checked opportunities for improvement and clear strategic recommendations you are ready for further development.

Learn more about our approach.