innovation culture quick-scan

Innovation Culture Quick-Scan: a quick and easy way to create an innovation culture that sticks

The Innovation Culture Quick-Scan is our approach to understanding innovation culture. A compact research tool to deep dive into company culture and understand what is needed to set the stage for innovation.

Fronteer supports her clients to find ‘the next big thing’ in the form of innovation strategies, new products & propositions and business models. An important side effect in these projects is the awareness within organisations about how difficult it is for them to be innovative on a daily basis. And how challenging it can be to adapt to new external circumstances. 

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’

In order to become successful, organisations need to create an innovation culture that sticks. That is why we started Fronteer Change Lab.

Even though there are many elements that influence an innovation culture, the source of non-effective companies can often been found in one of the following pillars:

  • (Absent) commitment from the board: enable innovation by offering means, mandate and trust. Allow the organisation to experiment and fail.
  • (Lacking) guiding directions: a clear vision for the future of your industry and a shared mission and ambition of your company.
  • (Non) co-creative way of working: innovation flourishes in a culture of (open) collaboration, bringing together the best internal and external expertises.

Solving the problem by understanding it

In order to create an innovation culture that sticks it is important to know its current status: what is the perception in your organisation regarding innovation, what are the current barriers and which (perceiveded and actual) hurdles need to be overcome?

Fronteer has developed an Innovation Culture Quick-Scan. It is simple and effective: after kick-off we will conduct a number of individual interviews (8-15) with colleagues from different departments and levels within your organisation (from Board to operations). Based on these interviews you will receive a full report and tangible recommendations on steps to take.
Completion time: 1 month.

Choose to become better and contact me for more information.
Change can start today!

Leonie van Mierlo
Fronteer ChangeLab