strategy lighthouse

Strategy Lighthouse – Clear & Actionable Strategic Direction

The Strategy Lighthouse is Fronteer’s proven positioning framework to help define the space you want to ‘own’ as a company. It helps you explore the future of your business, and your role within it. Within two intensive and creative full-day co-creation workshops we will help you discover where to grow, how to win, and how to stand out in the market. 

  • When to use it? – Clear strategic directions, guiding objectives and key results.
  • What to expect? – Two inspiring days of rapid and intensive strategy development.
  • Who are involved? – Your leadership or strategy team, covering the key disciplines within your company.

How it works

Within the Strategy Lighthouse trajectory we will touch upon the following subjects:

  • Role: What is the business you are operating in, and what is your role within it? A changed perspective of your market can be game changing in further strategy development.
  • Market: What are the main trends and developments influencing your industry? Which players are currently defining the market. More insight into these questions help us find the space in which we want to win.
  • Target: Who are our key customers, and who are currently overlooking? A deeper understanding of our targets will give us directions for future growth. 
  • Purpose: Why do we exist as a company? What impact do we want to make on the world beyond profit? A genuine purpose helps us find how to stand out.
  • Promise and Ambition: Answering the questions above, we define our promise to our customers and ambition to the market. Don’t be afraid to be bold.
  • Objectives and Key Results: Now that we know why we exist and what we want to achieve, how do we get there? By defining clear objectives and key results, we define a gameplay for the years ahead. 

When to use the Lighthouse

The Strategy Lighthouse is ideal for companies that require focus and clear direction. In two inspiring yet intensive days we are here to help you make choices. You will walk away with a clear idea of your company’s position within the market, and a battle plan to achieve your ambitions over the coming years. 

What outcomes to expect?

Consider this methodology when you are looking for:

  • A clear company positioning
  • Guiding strategic directions
  • Concrete objectives and results to achieve

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