10 years | 2011 Joost Ingeborg

10 years of Fronteer | 2011: Joost and Ingeborg join the team

10 years Fronteer. Wow. Without realising it 10 years went by and we are celebrating our anniversary! 10 years of people joining our team and moving on to find new fronteers. We thought it would be great to take this moment to look back and catch up with the people that have been part of the team over the years. Year by year we’ll move from 2008 – our birth year – to 2019. Today, we put the spotlight on Ingeborg and Joost, who joined the team in 2011.

How did you end up at Fronteer?

Ingeborg: I was enrolled in the Hallo Academy and someone mentioned Fronteer to me. I sort of forgot about it until my husband (then boyfriend) also told me about his former colleague Hein who was working at this cool agency Fronteer. I visited him for a coffee, but they only had internship vacancies. Somehow Hein managed to persuade me to do yet another internship. 

Joost: I also started at Fronteer as an intern. I was writing my thesis on co-creation and I could interview Fronteer’s clients while on the job. When I heard Martijn and James were having dinner to discuss an upcoming job opening, I made a dinner menu of my skills (no name, just my phone number) and left it on their table. They called me in surprise and the rest is history. 

Who was your game changing client? 

I: VWPFS (Volkswagen Pon Financial Services, a Pon holding). Working with them felt like having my own little agency because I had more of a personal advisory role. I felt like a confidant of their team. 

J: Nokia, also known internally as ‘Project Banana’. In my first year Fronteer was also affected by the crisis. Suddenly we landed a huge project: Nokia. It was very intense with 5 co-creation workshops in 6 countries, I visited Jakarta and Lagos. But the challenge was awesome and I was confirmed in my decision to work at Fronteer. 

What was your most memorable experience?

I: The mornings you came to the office a bit glum after a busy morning with kids and there was always someone who welcomed you with: ‘Hi Ingy!’ There was always a positive vibe. 

J: Hein and I were in Shanghai for a Philips project and after a hard day of work we were having beers in a bar. My best memory is of Hein dancing on top of that bar for 2 minutes after he lost a bet. 

What was your biggest fuck-up?

I: We had the kick-off of a very serious project, with very serious clients. That morning I put on my business dress ready to make a good impression. Right before I dropped off my son at my parents in law, he threw up all over my dress so I entered the kick-off covered in baby puke. It was a good ice breaker though… 

What was your most awkward moment?

I: I love awkwardness! I even had a club for awkwardness at some point. Awkward disruptiveness and awkwardness first made for the best lunchtime conversations. 

J: Not my most awkward moment, but by far an accidental message of a certain colleague in the Fronteer group app. But, unfortunately, I cannot elaborate on that here. 

What do you take with you in your work/career?

I: A lot! At Fronteer you learn what process is needed to find the right answers. But also the importance of bringing enthusiasm and authenticity to the table. It helps you to stay relaxed and be yourself, no matter how serious the client or the topic. 

J: “Getting out of your comfort zone can also be comfortable.” You learn to have faith in the fact that at a certain point you always get back on track again. 

Any other thoughts on 10 years Fronteer?

I: It’s a pity that I’m no longer part of Fronteer and at the same time I’m so happy that I was part of it for so long. Also: it’s great to see what we’ve accomplished in 10 years. We’ve really become a serious player! 

J: I have a soft spot for Fronteer. Every time you return you immediately feel the Fronteer vibe. It’s such a great company with the best projects, that’s what makes it unique.