10 years of Fronteer | 2010: Our first connector Nikki

10 years Fronteer. Wow. Without realising it 10 years went by and we are celebrating our anniversary! 10 years of people joining our team and moving on to find new fronteers. We thought it would be great to take this moment to look back and catch up with the people that have been part of the team over the years. Year by year we’ll move from 2008 – our birth year – to 2019. Today, we put the spotlight on 2010, the year when the first connector joined Fronteer. Introducing: Nikki Wiesman, former and first connector at Fronteer. 

How did you end up at Fronteer?

I used to work with James when I was brand manager for Martini and he worked for Amsterdam Fashion Week. After travelling for a year, I had drinks with my network and heard James was looking for a recruiter. The job “connector” didn’t exist at Fronteer. After my travels, I wanted to start my own business but was running out of money. So I started to work for Fronteer and have developed the ‘connector-discipline’. I worked 3 days for Fronteer and the other 2 days I spent starting my own business. 

Who was your game changing client?

Due to my job as a Connector I have an amazing linkedin-network filled with lots of people I know from back then. As I was the only connector back in the days, I found the experts for all our various projects and co-creation workshops by myself. So my network consists of a great mix of people. 

What is your most memorable experience?

Every once in a while James en Martijn went out for lunch with each employee to check-in and see how everybody was doing. Spending one-on-one time with your employees stayed in my mind as I am also running my own company right now, de Buurtboer

What was your biggest Fuckup?

Back in the days, the Fronteer office was  at the Prinsengracht. I was calling potential experts for our co-creation workshops from this really dodgy basement. It was a crazy spot to call people, it felt really awkward. So often I went outside and did my phone calls at the canal side. At first, people did not understand why they should join our co-creation workshops for almost nothing. Often I could convince them of our arguments, and sometimes it didn’t work out.  

What did you take with you in your work/career?

Martijn and James are true examples of entrepreneurs do what makes them happy by building a great team around them. I learned a lot from them and I am also at that stage now. I am happy that the Fronteer lunch is still a Buurtboer lunch. Fronteer has been our client from the very first beginning. 

Thoughts about Fronteer 10 years?

I am happy that I was part of the Fronteer team, even though it was just for a while. Thanks for still inviting me to your parties. I am also proud to have Fronteer as my long-time client. Congratulations James and Martijn with 10 years of Fronteer, what a great and successful achievement. 

Curious about what Nikki is doing now? After she left Fronteer, Nikki started her own firm: de Buurtboer A lunch service that brings happiness to our office every day.