Your 2020 Impact – Fronteer’s Innovation Framework

Ready to make some impact in 2020?

As the year is starting to shift to its final stage, our clients often ask us; “What will be next year’s focus for us making impact?” Fronteer frequently help clients to understand where their future is heading, and what challenges and opportunities to face tomorrow.

  • Want to achieve focus and scope your key challenges for your 2020 strategy?
  • Want to create an aligned understanding within your multidisciplinary team?
  • Want to experience a fun and creative but effective way of working?
  • Want to kick off a creative and purposeful process?

Book an interactive and co-creative afternoon at Fronteer just before Christmas!

Fronteer’s Innovation Framework

Lead by two of our top strategists (we all are) we will take you and your team on a journey to investigate how ready you are for the future. Using key innovation topics we (co-)creatively elicit discussion and decisions. 

Fronteer’s Innovation Framework; a 4 hour workshop

  • InteractiveAn interactive workshop that gets results
  • Integral – We create a team that joins the journey
  • Creative – We connect creativity with a tangible plan of actions
  • Light – We move fast and light on our feet
  • Inspiration –  We make sure you leave the workshop energised and inspired

Interested to map your 2020 focus? Get in touch to find out more.