Behind the scenes – A day in the life of our office assistant

Hi, my name is Serina and I am the office assistant at Fronteer.

After a three-month internship at the City of Amsterdam, where I learned a lot, I decided to make the switch to Fronteer. Because at Fronteer I got the opportunity to continue working as Fronteer’s office assistant after finishing my internship. An opportunity I could not resist since my ambition was to find an exciting job after graduation.

My daily work as office assistant

As office assistant, I am the first contact point at Fronteer for many people; from clients, experts, and talent to suppliers. One of my main responsibilities is to make them feel welcome. So I make sure that the office looks clean and that every guest at Fronteer is greeted with a cup of coffee.

Furthermore, I take care of all catering activities. I order lunch ingredients from the Buurtboer and everyday I get fresh bread from Brood, the bakery across the street. Everyone at Fronteer has kitchen responsibilities (‘corvee’) once a week. I manage this and make sure that everyone contributes in setting up lunch, clearing plates and keeping the kitchen tidy.

In addition, I take care of all incoming and outgoing mail, manage the agendas of our shareholders and manage the stock of the canteen and office supplies. Being short on post-its would be our worst nightmare after all…

Co-creation workshops

Co-creation workshops are a big part of our work and they happen often. As the official host of our co-creation space NxNW I make sure that the space is prepared for every workshop. I set up the room, organise a light breakfast for morning workshops and receive guests with a hot drink.

During the workshops I keep the space clean & tidy (as much as possible, between all the post-its flying around) clear tables, set up lunch and provide extra beverages on demand. Afternoon workshops usually end with a drink and for this I always prepare some bites and beverages for everyone.

Sometimes our co-creation space NxNW is also rented to externals. For them I am first contact and the ultimate host, making sure that they have the best experience possible. Want to learn more about why working in someone else’s office can offer just that new inspiration and energy? Read here about what we believe are the four best places to co-create.

Organising Team Events

Organising team events is probably my favourite part of the job. For example; last year I organised a boat trip through the Amsterdam Canals to celebrate reaching our sales target. But the real highlight is the Fronteer Christmas dinner. Every January, we organise a Christmas dinner for the full Fronteer team and their partners. I am responsible for selecting a cool venue, arranging the menu and sending out invites. It was, in one word, fantastic!

Another big event that’s coming up is our anniversary party. This year, Fronteer celebrates its 10-year anniversary and of course this means we will host a big party. I am already looking forward to organising it and hope to see many people there!