Associate Partner & Senior Strategist: all ins & outs that you need to know

The Fronteer team is growing. And for the first time ever – we’re hiring an associate partner to join our team. But we’re also building our team of senior strategists. And that raises the question; what does it mean to be a senior at Fronteer? And what is the difference between a senior strategist and an associate partner? We’re here to give you all the details, so we’ve created a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for you. Read more below!

1 – What does it mean to be a senior strategist at Fronteer?

Our team of strategists is responsible for creating kick-ass strategies for our clients. Daily, they work on solving complex challenges – using co-creation and design thinking as key ‘weapons of choice’. Strategists are responsible for project & client management, building hypotheses, doing research, preparing and facilitating interviews, workshops and, of course, building strategies and concepts. As you grow from associate strategist to medior to senior, this means more responsibility to deliver quality results and build client relations. Besides that, a senior strategist is involved in business development – building a network, finding opportunities for new projects. And: you will be asked to contribute to the Fronteer organisation by fulfilling internal roles as well.

2 – What makes being a senior strategist so unique?

The opportunity and the commitment to really make an impact. In the projects that we do our focus is always on helping our clients be better and making a positive impact on our planet and society. But also simply being part of Fronteer: a great organisation with a great team. Everyone is so passionate about doing good or doing better and likes to have fun. It is an important characteristic of our work culture.

3 – So what’s the associate partnership about?

As an associate partner, you contribute to Fronteer not only through the projects that you do but also help build the business. That means that as an associate partner you have a serious responsibility in business development. Associate partners are expected to develop a focus area, a territory we call it at Fronteer, for business development. Examples of our current territories are education, cities, NGO impact, coalitions and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As an associate partner, we encourage you to take on such (new) territory. In this way, you find focus, build a network in a specific area and build Fronteers business in that area. A great opportunity! 

4 – What is the biggest difference between a senior strategist and an associate partner?

Well, partly it is the same. As an associate partner, you still do strategy work, but your focus is different. As a senior or lead strategist, your main responsibility is to lead a strategy project at Fronteer. Of course, you are also involved in business development. But as an associate partner, the balance is different. Your focus is more on building the Fronteer business and maintaining client relations in a specific area. Also, as an associate partner, you are on track to become a full partner. That means that you are part of the daily leadership of Fronteer. 

5 – What concrete impact can you make as an associate partner?

Let’s start with what you can do as a connector or strategist and then you can see the difference. As a connector or strategist at Fronteer, the impact you make is in delivering top of the bill projects for our clients and pushing our clients to do better and rethink their way of working. You put the bar higher in their ambitions. 

As an associate partner, you can go one step further. You are there to inspire (potential) clients and the market. You excite them to rethink their way of working. That is where you make an impact. You change the conversation. As an associate partner, you help clients make their ambition tangible and ambitious. At the same time, you support them to navigate their organisation to make it happen. 

6 – What kind of projects are we talking about?

We recently did a project with WWF International to help them organise the public consultation on their social policies and safeguards. It was a challenge to get all the stakeholders into a meaningful dialogue, but we think we were very successful in that project.

Another project is the recent work we did for Heineken. We collaborated with them to create a CSR strategy for Heineken Global that commits to the SDGs and makes their sustainable ambitions even more tangible. The result: a CSR strategy on a coaster, which helped convey the Heineken aspirations and focus very clearly. Both internally and externally. 

And let’s not forget the Eurovision Song Contest. We helped the Dutch organisation to create a new and iconic strategic umbrella for the 2021 (2022) Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. Our approach: to co-create with the Magic 100; over 100 opinion leaders, experts and people in the street – to create a concept that is authentically dutch, innovative and a blueprint for years to come.

But there are many more! Click here to take a look!

7 – Best Fronteer adventure?

Probably our temporary offices abroad! Our last temporary office was in Valencia.. We went to Valencia with the whole team to work on Fronteer as a company. We do this every few years. There is a new one coming up next year! During a temporary office, we go abroad and take ourselves as the client. Meaning we work on our own strategy and vision. For example, we discussed; our vision for our new office, international growth, how to make more impact, and lots of other things. Eventually, those conversations led up to real action such as impact ventures, a new office, international partnerships, and the list goes on. But maybe just as important: we had a lot of fun doing it! We went surfing, cooked paella, played a lot of “Weerwolven”. It was a great way to do team building but also actually work on your own business. 

Sounds like a job for you?

Hopefully, you liked this little peek into the life of a senior strategist/associate partner at Fronteer! A special message for associate partner applicants: we understand you may want to know even more about the current (associate) partners. Therefore, we organised a little speed date on the 29th of November. Sign-up via this link.

Find more information on both vacancies via our jobs platform here. Hope to see you soon!