Babke is biking for Orange Babies!

Strategist on a mission: Babke is cycling through Zambia for Orange Babies

At Fronteer, we believe in the power of positive impact. We aim to make it in our projects, selection of clients, and internal initiatives. Even on an individual level, our team is actively pursuing positive impact. One of our Strategists has partnered up with the charity Orange Babies to create positive impact in a very different way.

Babke is off to Zambia this autumn to cycle 80k a day from Lusaka to Livingstone to visit several project sites of Orange Babies, whose mission is to create an HIV-free generation in one of the most HIV dense regions in Africa. On the road to Lusaka, Babke has started to raise funds to support the charity.

What a journey…

Yes! In November, I’ll be doing something I have never done before. On a mountain bike for 10 days straight, I’ll cycle through Zambia. A real adventure, and more so a wonderful opportunity to create awareness for an important cause.

This year I changed my workout routine and started to train at Rockstar Lifestyle in Amsterdam. They pointed out the Orange Babies initiatives to me, and I was immediately excited. Because.. when do you ever get the chance to contribute to a charity while cycling through Central Africa at the same time?! Never!

photo: Orange Babies

Positive impact

Making positive impact is important. In projects we try to incorporate the bigger challenges, such as climate change, waste and social inclusion. However, it’s also important to ask yourself the question ‘what kind of impact am I making?’. Obviously, it’s in the little things we do, like taking public transit instead of a car or recycling our plastic. But making a difference to me personally lies in this initiative. Leading up to the big journey I’ve noticed I am much more aware of the fact that there is still so much more that we need to do.

Tell us more about the cause & Orange Babies

Orange Babies is a Dutch charity focused on mothers and children in South Africa, Namibia and Zambia. The child of an HIV infected mother can be HIV free. Orange Babies and I believe that mothers and children should have a fair chance at a good future, which starts with health. 100 euros is enough for one child to be born HIV free. And, that’s not all they do: on my action page “Biking for Orange Babies”, you can read more about the charity and how they help mothers and children with education and micro credit.

Orange Babies has also put the fun in fundraising by creating initiatives like this cycling trip in Zambia. It’s a great way to raise money and create ambassadors. This is why this trip is so valuable to me. I’ve started raising money for a good cause and I will visit the sites where the donations are put to use.

A Great Challenge: raising money for a good cause. Any Strategic insights?

Of course! So far, I’m almost halfway my donation goal of 2500 euros. At first, this was quite challenging. Because I wanted to make this trip and show my support, but now I had to ask other people to be involved and that felt a bit uncomfortable. But the key ingredients are passion and fun.

I started with my own network of friends and family, hoping that my enthusiasm for this cause would excite them to contribute in any way. Now, I’ve combined my passion with fun and am setting up a bunch of events like ‘Boulen voor Zambia’, a jeux des boules championship (more about this soon on my action page) and ‘Tour Zambia Drinks.’

Tour Zambia Drinks

Tour Zambia Drinks is the 19th of September at the Fronteer office at 16:00 till 21:00. In exchange for any contribution, I’ll be pouring drinks while sharing more about the charity and initiative. Adrian Kuipers – a top photographer who has worked for Orange Babies for over 10 years – will share more about the work of Orange Babies from a photographer’s perspective and will introduce his work and his new book: We Are Orange Babies. I would be happy to see you there!
RSVP here if you would like to join!


Zambia is one of the least developed and socio-economically challenged countries in Africa. It is estimated that 1.1 million people are infected with the HIV virus in this country. Orange Babies is active in Zambia through 8 projects; 7 of these projects are located around Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. Babke will visit several of these projects.

*At Fronteer, we give the experts partaking in co-creation sessions the chance to donate their participation fee to a charity. The coming months all donations will go to Orange Babies.