Fronteer Change Lab is shaping New Culture

We are happy to introduce Fronteer Change Lab

Helping organisations to develop is not new to us. The past years more of our client challenges already centred around internal change. But now it is time to make it explicit. Why? Read on!

This year Fronteer celebrates her 10th anniversary

Since our founding we successfully guide organisations to find opportunities for growth. Our core activities consist of shaping the future of their business, defining long- and short term innovation strategies and developing concepts for tangible and compelling new products, services and business models. We do so by using design thinking principles and the power of co-creation, bringing together knowledgeable internal and external experts in order to create the best possible solutions. Besides that, our approach brings mandate, momentum and incredible speed in processes that, in the experience of our clients, normally take forever or not even get realised at all.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

In this era  of continuous change, organisations need to be light on their feet and flexible to adapt to new realities. Instead of ‘following change’ the ambition should be ‘to lead change’. Having a clear vision on where the future is heading and finding your purpose is a good starting point. But organisations often fail in delivering on their goals in spite of great strategies. Often heard complaints are:

“Our mission is to be innovative but we hardly deliver any innovation.’’

“Our organisation works in silos and we are unable to break through them.”

“We want our people to take responsibility but instead they point at each other.”

“We say we are customer-centric but it is not in our DNA.”

You cannot talk strategy into people. Because culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Fronteer Holacracy

Two years ago we ourselves went through an organisational transformation. We got inspired by the book Reinventing Organizations by Frederick Laloux and decided to adopt Holacracy.

It is a new way of structuring and running your organisation that replaces the conventional management hierarchy. Instead of operating top-down, power is distributed throughout the organisation, giving individuals and teams more freedom to self-manage, while staying aligned to the organisation’s purpose.

It worked out amazingly for us and we are frequently asked to share our story.

Frederick Laloux takes inspiration from Integral Theory and uses the following model to explain how organisational culture is created.

Organisations only develop when people do. And people only develop when they feel seen, heard and engaged in change and when a new culture is established. This counts even more so for organisations with a younger workforce. The power of people can only be unlocked by providing trust, space to experiment & fail and by giving people acknowledgement for their contributions. The result will be mind blowing. Your role is to provide direction, leadership and be a role-model. Establish the essentials enables people to grow. Followed by the celebration of successes.

Fronteer Change Lab

We are happy to introduce Fronteer Change Lab.

Helping organisations to develop is not new to us. The past years more of our client challenges already centred around internal change. But now it is time to make it explicit. Based on the same principles of design thinking and co-creation Fronteer Change Lab offers a unique approach that helps people and organisations to develop around a new company direction, adapt a new way of working and co-create a new culture. Our collaborative programmes are inclusive and bottom-up, value and principle based, actionable and concrete.

Our services:

  • Organisational change: designing and introducing new roles and responsibilities, and an inspiring new way of working
  • Culture programs: defining and embedding core values, creating new behaviour on organisation, team and individual level
  • Innovation culture: creating an innovation culture that sticks, enhancing internal innovation capabilities
  • Holacracy inspiration: for board, management teams and organisations

I am happy to tell you more about Change Lab and discuss your organisation challenge.