Design for Happiness – a driving force at Fronteer

As we start the new year we all make the list of lists: our New Year’s resolutions. For us, 2018 is all about growing as a team, as a company and about achieving even more positive impact: making our team, experts and clients happy.

Solve for happy

Last month I attended a masterclass about happiness by Mo Gawdat – Chief Business Officer at Google X. He wrote a book called Solve for Happy in which he reflects on how to be happy. After collecting as many data points as he could recollect from life events that made him happy, he took a mathematical approach to analyse these and created a formula to define happiness:  

When your expectations are larger than actual events this causes distress, resulting in a moment of unhappiness. Naturally this also means that when your perceptions of events are larger than your expectations, you reach happiness. These events can be anything; a comfortable layover when you are waiting for a connecting flight or finding the right treatment when you’re ill.

Consumer happiness

In innovation we often talk about meeting or exceeding consumer needs. New products and services are validated with focus groups and consumer satisfaction scores. These methods put companies in the audience, but lack an opportunity for them to ask questions and discuss with consumers to create a deeper understanding of the expectations that consumers have.

That is why at Fronteer, we take our own approach to consumer validation: the Elevator. This unique approach places clients shoulder to shoulder with consumers in a co-creation workshop to discuss concepts, understand expectations and – together – enrich concepts to meet or even exceed these. In line with Gawdat’s approach, this is how we design for consumer happiness.

Client happiness

But making our clients happy is of course not limited to designing for consumer happiness. Identifying the expectations that clients have is instrumental in achieving successful project outcomes. This drives us to start every project with a Kick Off session in which we collectively define success. What do you expect to happen? How would you define project success? What, in fact, would make you happy? By defining this together we align to make the project as successful as possible. We design the project to meet – and even exceed – expectations and design for client happiness.

Curious how we can tackle your challenge and make you happy? Talk to us!