Our latest expert on architecture and co-creation

Key topics as urban planning, innovation and future cities kept the conversation going during one of our latest co-creation Treehouse workshops this autumn about the city block of the future. Stakeholders, entrepreneurs, architects, researchers, urban planners and designers were invited to explore the most appealing opportunities for the city block of the future.  

Expert in the Spotlight: Stephanie Akkoui Hughes

Stephanie was one of the co-creating experts invited to crack this exciting challenge. As founder and lead architect of Akka Architects, she is a specialist in designing spaces that foster interactions. During a short interview after our co-creation workshop Stephanie explains: “you cannot design interactions because they are complex, by nature spontaneous and context-independent. As an architect you can guide interactions and support these by creating the right context.”

Creating one shared vision is essential

Similar to our co-creation approach, the design process of Akka Architects itself is also based on interaction. All concerned parties are already involved in an early stage of the project. This first stage is mainly about collecting insights and creating alignment among the different groups of people. That includes the client, its users, its neighbours and its visitors among others. The challenge always remains to co-create one shared vision for the future among all these various opinions and expertises. People do always start from their own point of view, but it is the name of the game to keep asking the right questions. “And try to find common ground within these various perspectives”, says Stephanie.

Different perspectives lead to remarkable results

At Fronteer, we define co-creation as the collaborative development of new value (concepts, solutions, products and services) together with our client and carefully curated team of external experts. Our invited experts, like Stephanie participate because of intrinsic motivation and enthusiasm and have no direct stakes in the project. However, bringing together these fresh minds and perspectives leads to remarkable results that count. 

If you have any questions concerning experts, co-creation and our set of methodologies, please feel free to contact us (britt@fronteer.amsterdam).