Fronteer is FD Gazelle

Fronteer is FD Gazelle! Our drivers for growth explained

We are happy to share that Fronteer has been listed as one of the 770 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands by Het Financieele Dagblad.  Winning a FD Gazellen 2019 Award is yet another milestone in the year that marked our 10-year anniversary celebrations.

The FD Gazellen Awards are presented to the fastest growing companies in turnover, revenue and personnel in the Netherlands. Having received this award for the very first time, we thought it would be fun to reflect on what has boosted our growth over the past years.

The big switch: Holacracy

In 2016 we felt the need for change and embarked on a new adventure: to transition towards Holacracy: A system and set of rules for self-organisation. In fact, our ‘boss’ stopped being the boss. A big transition that took some time getting used to, but also yielded big results. We believe the magic ingredient for our growth was the transition to Holacracy. Why? Because it allowed every single person in our team to do what he or she truly loves. Having a lot more authority triggered people’s entrepreneurial spirit and many initiatives popped up left and right. Some examples: we developed a new salary model, defined a company purpose, built a growth framework for our team and set up new divisions like Change Lab and Digital Impact Studio.

But also in our client work we redefined our way of working. With a new set of project roles – allowing everyone to take on different roles in each project. And by implementing the holacracy way of working in our projects with clients – holacracy light.

New energy new projects

This entrepreneurial mindset also resulted in new focus areas within our work. We followed our shared and our personal passions which resulted in some truly iconic and memorable projects. Take for example Eurovision Song Contest 2020. In case you missed it (not possible!), we worked our butts of this summer to create a new narrative in co-creation with the Magic 100. We have been boosting our work in education with Zadkine, MBO Mondriaan and ROC of Amsterdam. Resulting in great new concepts and even a pilot for New Tech Finance College. We followed our passion for mobility and have been doing great projects with Shuttel, Seat and Škoda. Following our passion has unlocked new energy within the team – a great driver for growth.

Our next horizon

On the brink of a new year we are now looking ahead to our new Horizon. As a team we are defining our future strategies and ambitions and we can already share… the future looks bright! We might even be crossing borders… Stay tuned!