My first job: expectations versus reality @ Fronteer

About six months ago I was spending hours on the internet searching for my first ‘grown-up’ job. Reading all these websites and job descriptions became my favourite hobby. Companies promised a lot: from healthy vegetarian lunches to unique workspots with great views and cool company parties. Some descriptions were even prettier than others. Looking at these descriptions on those fancy-looking company websites made me wonder: do all these companies actually deliver what they promise? But then, the job description on Fronteer’s website caught my eye: ‘collaborative innovation, co-creation, bold, positive impact, innovation and strategy’. I was impressed by all these sophisticated and smart words on the website. I decided to apply so I could find out more. 

Hence, for all the ‘Fresh Faces’ out there, here is a little expectations versus reality check at Fronteer. 

Innovative & Creative 

Fronteer claims to trigger creativity and eat innovation for breakfast. After working at Fronteer for two months I have to admit that there is no shortage of new ideas or exciting plans. Actually, it feels like there is continuous movement inside ánd outside the company. Since I started working, new tools like Fronteer Change Lab have been developed (besides our already own-designed existing toolkit), a new internal growth and performance framework was presented and the first Fronteer Sunrise breakfast event took place two weeks ago. 

Challenging environment

In the last two months I worked on five different projects, gave multiple presentations to our clients, got several trainings and went abroad for a couple of days to facilitate co-creation workshops in Spain. Do I need to say more about the challenging environment at Fronteer? 


Sustainability, purpose, social impact; these might be 21st century buzzwords, but to me these words especially attracted my attention on Fronteer’s website. My heart starts to beat faster when a project is about making positive impact. Luckily for me, at Fronteer we try to make a positive impact internally (i.e. flight policies and vegetarian lunch) and externally (with every strategic challenge we undertake). Examples are sustainable solar energy projects for Eneco and the recycle-the-party project for Heineken. 

So in the end, does Fronteer deliver what they promise on the website? My answer can be very short: yes they (we!) do. But, there’s a catch: it’s your own responsibility to get everything out of your time at Fronteer. This is part of our Holacracy policy: you are free to propose, act and work the way you like. However you are the only one to get this exciting process started. Briefly said, if you decide to step into this red Ferrari and drive away with inspiring new ideas, that’s great! But you have to start driving the car yourself, not someone else. If you embrace this principle, Fronteer might be your dream place to work. 

p.s: And now I didn’t even tell you yet that they do have nice company parties, a healthy lunch and a unique location at the NDSM-werf where we can swim during our lunch break… 

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