Co Creation Sessions in Nature

The Four Best Places To Co-Create

After carefully crafting goals and ambitions for your brand in a first collaboration, you are ready for the next step in co-creating new propositions and concepts for the future. You already know who you need to invite; Experts, Stakeholders, Marketeers, Investors, people who love chocolate. Or that unique wildcard who knows everything about Electric Cars.

But where to meet…
Where can we meet and work to co-create the best innovation possible? Looking for an inspiring place to co-create is one of the key ingredients to make co-creation successful. Therefore, we came up with the 4 best places to co-create. With that little bit of magic co-creation always needs.

Touristic Attractions Attract

Magnets attract and so do tourist attractions. In order to find the right space for co-creation workshops, search for cultural, innovative and significant places that matter. We often find ourselves back in the many places that attract tourists. From the Euromast in Rotterdam to the Hermitage or the ADAM tower in Amsterdam. Touristic landmarks are very suitable for workshops that need to spark energy and enthusiasm (or when you need to celebrate you new product launch). For Brands with a specific fear of heights. We can stay downstairs.

A Co-Working Space

Start-ups, scale-ups, incubators… If you want to know what innovation is, or what innovation feels like, start looking at how younger companies innovate, make mistakes or work agile. The best place to find these disruptors and learn from them, is to visit a Co-Working Space. In Amsterdam you can find these kind of spaces everywhere. One of our favourites today is The Playing Circle, with various locations in Amsterdam. We know they have awesome sofas for inspiring discussions. And those co-creation Experts you discussed, already present.

An office, but not your own

At Fronteer we know how to make you feel at home. We already helped over two hundred brands co-create and innovate at our HQ at the NDSM-plein. Our host Serina can offer you the best coffee in town. Our plant wall brings you closer to nature and  we have a huge number of whiteboards to craft your ideas. With windmills around the corner, and a lovely crew of Strategists and Expert connectors we have everything you need. We already hear you say: “An office!? Then we can do it at our place.” No sorry. If you co-create, play outside the box, and that means outside your own. 

Nature, a Place of Silence

We believe the best places to co-create are places far away from the city and busy life, even if it’s only for a day. We don’t believe in conventional “hei-sessions” as we say in Dutch, when management retreats and rethink their strategy. But we do believe fresh air and surprising surroundings give great impulses to the co-creation of new products, new strategies or teams that want to innovate.

Choose the unknown

Whatever you choose and wherever you plan your next co-creation workshop, remember to create the environment that will work best for you and the people you invite. Invite the people you need, at a place where people can let go of their regular work and can get energized. We do not say that does not happen in your office, but fresh minds who make bold moves are mostly happy outside. Our mutual job is to bring it back in.

What else…what’s next?!