Stay connected: introducing The Expert Connectors

These times ask for an open mindset and agile approach to our work.  Luckily, the opportunities are endless. Rather than waiting for the world to turn back to normal, we are facing a new reality with new ways and streams of working. That’s why we introduced a new service: The Expert Connectors. We easily provide you with outside-in expertise on crucial topics to keep your business moving forward.

Fresh insights and outside-in expertise

Connecting our clients to industry leaders and frontrunners is not new to us. For the past 10+ years we have used expert co-creation as our unique approach to crack complex challenges. We strongly believe that expert co-creation provides the right answers by bringing great minds and expertise together, but only if done right. Therefore, our full-time and dedicated expert connecting team is constantly aiming to find top-notch industry experts for our clients and co-creation workshops.

Tailored requests

However, sometimes you are just in need of specific knowledge and insights about a certain topic or industry. For example, you would like to gain specific first-hand industry insights to enrich your market research or validate a new concept or business idea with experts. For these tailored requests we launched The Expert Connectors. We can easily provide you with outside-in expertise on crucial topics.

The Expert Connectors

The services of The Expert Connectors are brought to you by a full-time and dedicated expert connecting team. We can connect you to the right top-notch industry experts within one week. You just need to share your request on the website, we will call you back, start our research straight away and deep-dive to select the best experts fitted to your request. Next, you can pick the preferred experts that match your need and we will connect you to them digitally.

  • Curious about our way of working as expert connectors? Read more about our unique connecting approach here.
  • Would you like to share a connecting request? Please send us a message and we are more than happy to start with your request!