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News From the Fronteer – The ‘summer’s really over’ edition.

So long, summer…

We’ve been enjoying a beautiful ‘indian summer’ in Amsterdam this past month. Sadly though, the weather has turned: the time has come to say farewell to summer and dig out our raincoats.

With autumn, we welcome a string of fascinating new projects relating to beers & beverages, mobility, heavy equipment, poultry, destination marketing and education. Also, we are delighted to welcome some amazing new talents to our team (please see the ‘Aloha’ section below).

Friends and contacts frequently remind us that our work appears more ‘different’ than it feels to ourselves. Even after 8 years of business, the most-frequently-asked-question we get is ‘So… what exactly is it that you do?’. To answer this, please find a selection of recent projects in our newsletter.