The world of mobility is changing fast and Pon shows where it is heading

A showcase of the new innovation approach at Modiforce

As Fronteer we do a lot of innovation work in digital and mobility. Shuttel – the new mobility platform – is an example of our work. Pon invited us for its bi-annual showcase of innovations throughout the business. From automotive, to bikes, vans, tires and equipment, we got a glimpse of what we could expect towards the future. In our opinion mobility is one of the most crucial building blocks of a society that is simply better equipped to deal with the major global developments we are facing. We feel that Pon could be well positioned to play an important role in that future, from what we saw. Connected is the new mantra. And yes, we agree.

Also, we would like to say hi to the Pon Tyre Group. They showcased some great innovations at the event. A fantastic example of an organisation that dares to innovate in a very conservative and competitive business. Who care about tyres? They do!