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Celebrating positive impact in 2017 | Supporting the Refugee Company for growth

As James shared in our previous post making positive impact is a driving force at Fronteer, good for the soul and spirit. Aside from our impact ventures, we strive to support a local charity every year.

How we do this? All experts joining our co-creation workshops receive a compensation fee for their efforts and input. Of course they can take this fee home. But we also invite them to donate this to our preferred charity. This year, that charity is the Refugee Company.

Refugee Company

The Refugee Company is a foundation with the strong mission to empower refugees in the Netherlands. Based on the belief that work is the best tool for integration, they create spaces where refugees can feel at home, show their skills and have the opportunity to expand their network.

Within these spaces, the refugees gain relevant experiences and develop a portfolio and resume. This improves their chances at finding a paid job or set up a business. Their personalised approach is focused on putting individual needs first.

Co-creation with Favela Painting

A great example of their efforts is their collaboration with Favela Painting, one of our Impact Ventures. Together with Favela Painting they have turned the Bijlmer Bajes, a well known former jail in Amsterdam, into an inspiring urban event space.

We visited them earlier this year and were truly amazed. They turned the building into an inspiring artwork of monumental size, making it a great place for new business ventures to kick off. The building holds all kinds of businesses like a bar, barista training school, a lovely restaurant and a beautiful sewing studio for tailor made shirts. All completely run by refugees.

Positive impact: €4275 donation!

Great news! Thanks to all our experts who were kind enough to donate their co-creation fee. The past year we were able to support the Refugee Company for a total amount of €4275,-.

Curious to learn more about the Refugee Company? Check out www.refugeecompany.com or simply drop by for a visit. We promise you won’t regret it.

Source image: www.arcam.nl