From office assistant to operations queen: meet Róbin

Last week, Róbin celebrated her 5-year anniversary at Fronteer! She started as office assistant in 2013. Over the course of five years, she became responsible for the administration and support of all our projects, from analysing budgets to searching for new co-creation spaces abroad. In short, plenty of reason to ask this Operations Queen some questions about her time at Fronteer.

A flashback of five years at Fronteer

Being trained and having worked as a nurse in hospital environments, the business of strategy, innovation and branding was completely new to Róbin when she arrived at our doorstep in 2013. As she explained: “the open, creative and dynamic atmosphere at Fronteer was a great and welcome eye-opener for me. I was ready for a career switch and wanted to work in a vibrant and fresh team.” Besides that, the international character of Fronteer was also an important reason to choose for Fronteer.

As ambitious as Róbin is, last year she took a big step in her career. She was ready for a new challenge and asked herself and Fronteer the question: What would I like to do and what does Fronteer need – now and in the future? Deep diving into the finance part or becoming more involved in our projects? It resulted in an ambitious plan which she presented to our founders last year. Quickly after this presentation, she became our operations manager. With a new set of responsibilities, it was also time to find someone to take over her previous role and the search for our new office assistant Serina started.

Personal ambitions and growth

At Fronteer, we stimulate personal growth and encourage everyone in our team to express their ambitions. Róbin took this opportunity and is a great example of how we hope everyone at Fronteer develops him or herself. Since we became a holacractic organisation it is now even easier to execute a new idea and take the opportunity to do what you think you and Fronteer need. For example, Róbin also initiated a new role and became our “master of celebrations” – besides running her new tasks as operations manager. This means she is in charge of all celebrations, from birthdays to work anniversaries at Fronteer.

To stimulate personal growth, everyone in the team also gets an annual Personal Development Budget. The inspiration and insights that people get from these personal development activities are often shared in our internal Fronteer Cafe’s and consequently even inspire the rest of the team. Róbin, for instance, did an English course since she is responsible for our international project administration and support as our new operations manager.

In the end, there are many possibilities for our people to grow, as long as you voice your ambitions and talents. If you want to learn more about what it’s like to be an operations manager or work at Fronteer, Róbin is happy to share. Give us a call and we will talk!