Vacancy: Fronteer is looking for a strategy intern

Who are we?

Together with our clients and teams of hand-picked external experts, we develop innovative strategies and remarkable concepts for growth. Our projects often relate to brand-related challenges like positioning, brand development and new product/service innovation. We work in a wide variety of fields, from financial services and food to airlines and telecoms to education and NGO’s.

What is it that we do best?

Our projects are about creating innovation & brand strategies and developing new or validating existing concepts.
Most of our projects include co-creation sessions, both online and offline. For these sessions we hand-pick the best experts as a ‘temporary extension’ to our client’s strategy-, innovation-, design- or R&D team.
We believe that the future belongs to companies that innovate collaboratively. However, collaboration of different perspectives internally is vital as well. That’s why the Fronteer consulting team includes Engineers, Anthropologists, Designers and Connectors, each with their personal scope & skill-set. Fronteer is a creative strategy firm form Amsterdam, specialising in ‘collaborative innovation’.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a Dutch speaking, enthusiastic and remarkable intern with affinity for co-creation, strategy, innovation and brands, to work at our office in Amsterdam and support our team for a period of 5 – 6 months, starting in February 2017.

  • An enthusiastic and remarkable person, fluent in Dutch and English
  • Someone who enjoys working on complex challenges
  • An original thinker, that likes to work on structuring and analysing business situations and has the ability to inspire
  • An analytical and strategic thinker with (or in the process of obtaining) an academic (WO) degree with excellent results

What will be your main tasks?

  • Conducting market analysis for strategy, innovation and brand development projects
  • Preparation and support in facilitation of co-creation sessions
  • Providing support in developing Fronteer 
tools and IP
  • All-round office tasks

What will you get out of it?

  • Practical knowledge of how client collaborations & 
expert co-creation comes to life
  • Practical tools for strategic 
and creative thinking
  • Learn about your own strengths & interests within the scope of functioning in a strategic team
  • Experience how it is to work in a holacratic organisation

Interested? Apply here!

Or contact if you have any questions