Winter School 2018 – How we created concepts to improve air quality in Amsterdam

A few weeks ago we hosted  our annual Co-creation Winter School. Eleven bright young professionals from various companies like Pepsico, Ahold, Bugaboo and KPN joined us. For two days we shared our vision on the power of co-creation and delved into a serious and contemporary challenge: the clean air of Amsterdam. You could rather say: the lack of air quality in Amsterdam. How to solve it? Two days proved to be enough for the participants to come up with cool and innovative solutions!

Day 1: understanding the challenge through trend immersion

Inspired by the Parallel Perspectives – our tool for trend immersion – we took the young professionals into the field for some fresh insights and inspiration. First, we visited Felyx, an innovative startup with ambitious plans for sustainability and shared city transport. Felyx understands that cities are becoming increasingly full and as a result air quality drops. Quinten Selhorst (CEO) believes that a transition in mobility is needed to solve this rising issue. Growing urbanisation proves to be a challenge for society regarding mobility. The solution? Less owned vehicles, less big vehicles, less polluting vehicles. This is their mission. They want to make the city more liveable by offering an easy solution with compact, shared and sustainable transportation: electric scooters available anywhere in the city accessible through your Felyx app (get it here).

After meeting Felyx we went to some of the most polluted areas in the city, such as Weesperzijde and Stadhouderskade. We talked to people about their experiences and looked around to see if anything was done to improve the air quality. On this day we gathered a lot of input for our co-creation session on day two.

Day 2: Co-creating the solution

Erwin Gorter, air quality project lead of the municipality of Amsterdam, gave a presentation about his work and the status of Amsterdam on day two; providing us with a clear challenge: “What solutions can people use to actively partake in the improvement of the air quality?”
With this question as a starting point, the young professionals engaged in various co-creation exercises to come up with creative solutions.

Three concepts came up:

  • an app integrated in Google Maps showing you the quickest and cleanest route to your destination
  • an app that promotes your green lifestyle and green awareness
  • a smart delivery system that ensures optimal usage of transportation

Three very cool and impactful solutions in two days! We would like to thank all participants and look forward to next year’s Winter School!
Want to learn more about participating in the Winter School or do you have a cool challenge for us to solve? Contact us!