Fronteer Winter School – Sharing our tools with young professionals

We believe in the power of collaborative innovation. That’s why we like to share our co-creation tools and methodologies with young professionals during our annual Winter School. The 2018 edition is just around the corner and will take place on March 22nd and 23rd and we’re excited already!

The Fronteer Winter School

The Fronteer Winter School is a 2-day co-creation crash course in which ten young professionals from different industries learn everything about “collaborative innovation”.
Our strategists will share how Fronteer’s methodologies & tools will help you come up with concrete ideas and concepts that can really contribute to solve challenges. And our team of brilliant expert connectors shares our big secret: how to get the best people to join your co-creation challenge.

And of course, we apply the newly gained knowledge to practice in a co-creation workshop; Every year participants tackle a different challenge impacting society at large.
This year’s challenge is all about co-creating solutions to improve air quality and reduce the urban air pollution in Amsterdam.

Air Pollution in Amsterdam

Did you know that the air in Amsterdam is so polluted that residents suffer the same health impediments by breathing in the city air as by smoking 6 cigarettes a day (passively)?

This shocking news reveals that when it comes to air quality we can’t say that Amsterdam is a healthy city. The majority of the air in the Netherlands is among the most polluted of Europe. Air pollution is an invisible problem, but this does not make it less important. It is even one of the main causes of death in the Netherlands.

The biggest enemy of clean air is motorised traffic. Due to the exhaust gases, particulate matter is increasingly coming into the air. The question then remains, what we can do about this significant and growing problem: Which solutions can be developed to reduce the air pollution in Amsterdam? This is a complex challenge that deserves breakthrough thinking!

During the Winter School we will crack this challenge.

Inspiring Experience

Participants experience our Winter School as a very insightful and inspiring 2 days, and – just as important – a lot of fun! It is a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and daily business and work on making a positive impact on something else for a change. After just two days the group will have developed innovative solutions and concepts for the problem-owner, an expert in the field, to help him or her making positive impact a reality.


Interested in joining our Winter School? Apply now and we will get in touch soon!