A healthy softdrink? We took up the challenge and developed a new range for Vrumona (Heineken)

Location: Amsterdam

Carbonated softdrinks are sometimes seen as worse than cigarettes and alcohol combined. We all know that that’s not the case, but everybody also looking for alternatives for a healthy lifestyle. Together with the Vrumona team we set ourselves a goal: create healthier drinks to complement the current portfolio of softdrinks.

Firstly, we met four very inspiring entrepreneurs from the world of healthy and food, We returned convinced meat-free, all-day yoga, freshly-pressed and locally produced were all part of the new drinks territory we wanted to explore. Secondly, we created concepts with food and lifestyle experts and validated them with consumers. After an intense couple of months we found multiple strategic concepts.

All new concepts were quantitatively validated and found very promising. They served as a basis for future product development.

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