We co-created a new shelf concept in dairy products. How a producer and a retailer found each other with a common goal: creating excitement in a category

Royal Friesland Campina is a large cooperative. It is owned by 11,000 farmers and its goal is to bring dairy products to the end-consumer in appealing ways. One of the issues in dairy is the lack of visibility and buzz. To be frank, shopping in the dairy section can be a bit boring. Customers mostly buy the same product and rarely try anything new or different. New dairy aisle concepts have tried to change this over the years but, for various reasons, retailers never really bought into them. Nothing was changing.

Talking to Friesland Campina, we decided to start with some fresh thinking. How else could we break away from this paradigm that dairy aisles would remain the same for years to come? We took the client team on a tour full of inspiration which we call Parallel Perspectives. This laid the groundwork for co-creation.

Following this, in co-creation sessions, we came up with new ideas for supermarkets. We included one of the largest Dutch retailers in this process and so made sure we created buy-in from the start.

In the end, a new concept was created and accepted and is ready for launch at the end of 2016. We are eagerly awaiting the response. Maybe the dairy aisle will never be the same again.

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