Beyond Green: how we created a new space for Eneco’s sustainable ambitions

Sustainable energy: more than a commodity

How do you innovate in an industry that offers a commodity? An industry that can offer a lot of positive impact when it leaves the beaten path. We took up the challenge early 2018 together with Dawn. Now, there’s a vision, a roadmap, and a new product offering that will change the industry – and more so, change the way people look at energy and its suppliers.

Beyond Green

We developed an ambitious approach: two phases in under three months. In the first phase we created a new vision, followed by the development of several value propositions and a roadmap to success. The key question being: how might we give everyone in the Netherlands the opportunity to benefit from new sustainable Dutch energy? In order to elevate Eneco’s mission sustainable energy of everyone.


Together with a wide range of experts and a dedicated team from Eneco and Dawn, we co-created several fresh and forward-looking concepts. In a Rooftop co-creation session we went through the 5 stages of strategic concept co-creation. We took several co-created concepts from the session and used them as input to create various value propositions.

Impact strategy

The world is changing step by step to become more sustainable and climate aware. It takes companies like Eneco to tailor their strategies not to the status quo but to the future. So that not only we are prepared to face it, but to also endure it – together.

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Martijn Pater