Breathing new life into old buildings. Using expert co-creation to create new value

We all know an example of an empty office building nearby. What a waste of space! But breathing new life into old buildings is easier said than done. Big offices constructed in the 80s and 90s no longer fit our modern day aesthetics and demands. Demolishing the old to make room for something new is – sadly – often the most practical solution. Our client Dura Vermeer, on the other hand, took the time to research the opportunities of an existing building before breaking it down.

In a co-creation session on-site we brought together a group of experts and the Dura Vermeer team. Our mission: search for ways to redevelop the Fluor building in Haarlem Schalkwijk. During the session we co-created a vision on the most viable destination options for the Fluor Building, leading to fresh perspectives on the Schalkwijk area.

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Martijn Pater