Bugaboo on the move: using expert co-creation for future-proof portfolio development

Bugaboo has been a driving force for innovation and iconic design in the international stroller market for years. With hands full of plans for designing new iconic strollers Bugaboo asked us to validate new stroller concepts with a mixed group of lead consumers from different nationalities.

But a second question emerged: how to create the ultimate future proof portfolio? Which strollers to introduce, take out, update? How to position the strollers next to each other in the market? A perfect challenge for expert co-creation.

Consumer validation

First, we dived into new stroller concepts and validated these in Elevator co-creation sessions. In these workshops with international lead consumers, we discussed parent’s needs in different regions and validated the prototypes. Together, we then enriched the concepts with new input and ideas for refinement.

Expert co-creation with category managers

To get more insight into the portfolio challenge, we set up a Treehouse expert co-creation workshop. We decided to connect experts with the same expertise only – but from different industries. Our team of Connectors found a great group and we co-created with category managers from companies like Union, TomTom, Fatboy, O’Neill and more. We discussed what defines a great portfolio and explored different strategies for creating a portfolio that is internally differentiating and externally competitive.

Decisions made easy

The current stroller market is perceived as very diverse and quite complex: there are many brands and even more strollers. We identified key angles to define the portfolio and bring it to life for Bugaboo.

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