Creative Camps – a new way of working for CBRE

The way we work is changing rapidly. New technology and shifting demands lead to new types of work environments. For most of us, offices with dull cubicles and grey suspended ceilings are (luckily) something of the past. Our client CBRE helps a wide range of companies with new, innovative and inspiring housing solutions. Together with this real estate expert we defined a new way of working centred around co-creation.

Envisioning partnership co-creation

CBRE expressed the wish to become a partner for their clients. With the increasing complexity of real estate assignments, client insights are essential to develop real estate solutions that create true impact for organisations and employees. So the challenge for this project was clear: how can CBRE co-create with their clients? How can the client be brought into the process?

Defining different flavours

Together with a dedicated team of CBRE we set out to design the co-creation workshops for CBRE and their clients. The first step has been a thorough analysis of the various types of assignments and outputs. This led to a breakdown of 4 flavours, with a couple of additional elements for specific challenges.

Designing a plug & play methodology

Next, the tools and set-ups for the different co-creation workshops were designed with the goal to make them ‘plug and play’. In that way, the workshops become standardised, repeatable and easy executable. The project concluded with field testing the new way of working and facilitating the sessions together with dedicated moderators in their new office.

Rolling out Creative Camps

The first trials were a success, and co-creation has become a vital part of CBRE’s way of working under the name ‘Creative Camps’. Both the clients and the employees are enthusiastic about the partnership approach that leads to the following results:

  • Improved workplace design through co-creation
  • Increased client & project team engagement
  • Stronger client relationship based on true partnerships

The camps are used for both internal and external purposes. At the moment of writing, more than 10 creative camps have been executed for external clients – and we’re still counting…

With our help CBRE stays a forerunner in the future of work – and manages to change their relationship with clients. Curious how we can help you to become a partner? Talk to us!

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