Co-creation in the kitchen: we organised the start of a global initiative to make co-creation a leading way of working in professional food services

Shipping products and being service-oriented is one thing, offering inspiration and guidance is another. And co-creating the next big thing is something completely different. We set out to support a new initiative where our client co-created new products, services and activities together with chefs, operators and experts – ‘operator-centric’ being the new mantra. We took three great brands and big challenges as the starting point. We then concluded by offering guidelines how each country organisation could apply this new way of working by itself.

For Lipton, Hellmanns and Knorr we co-created new concepts which were eagerly picked up by client teams. All new concepts were created within a compact setting of a few days. This made sure energy levels were high and concept development fast. We hope to see some of the young chefs that we had on board benefiting from this new initiative somewhere in 2017.

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Leonie van Mierlo

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