Finding the potential for offering cooking and baking courses for the ‘serious hobbyist’

Cooking and baking is hot!
With cooking shows on every TV channel and food blogs being posted every day, the buzz around cooking is enormous. On top of that, people are increasingly aware of their eating habits and spend more time in the kitchen, preparing food for themselves and for friends and family. ROCvA wants to tap into this trend by offering courses for ambitious cooking enthusiasts. With all the facilities in place ROCvA is ready to go but is looking for the right angle. What should a course look like? Which topics to tackle? How long should it be? And how to reach these enthusiasts?

By doing in-depth interviews with chefs and teachers, students and graduates we created an outline for the course. Focusing mainly on content, this outline addressed the main topics of the course, duration, costs and certifcation. This outline was validated with a group of cooking enthusiasts potentially interested in the new course proposition. With their feedback, the proposition was adapted and enriched to suit their needs and create maximum relevance for the target group. Together with an inspiring group of experts, we created a marketing & promotion plan for reaching the target audience with an appealing and captivating story.

The result: a new proposition for cooking enthusiast: a course that focuses on developing technical skills and can be tailored to individual needs and interests by selecting modules for gaining more in-depth knowledge or widening the scope of the course. A course with a unique positioning centred around craftsmanship, professional cooking and technique, yet accessible for all serious & ambitious cooking enthusiasts.

By partnering with chefs, restaurants and leading culinary journals we take the course to the next level and make it truly aspirational and credible for the target audience as well as the industry.

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Babke Hogenhuis

Senior Strategist

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Senior Strategist