Is anyone watching? Designing the User Experience for future TV users in the era of YouTube

We embarked on an ambitious journey. An old myth is that no one watches TV anymore. That is not the case actually. We spend many hours in front of this magic machine. The question then was: how can we design a user interface that delivers an experience matching anything that we now get on our mobile or from the best apps.

Our advice: Copy, Paste and… Innovate. The television is positioned (literally) to be at the center of attention. It should therefore be a great experience and certainly should not feel like a waste of time. Together with UI designers and lead users we co-created new user experiences. Most of the experiences were based on smart technologies that are already common in use.

In the end we found out that users enjoy television more when there is a certain level of control and ‘smartness’ in the user interface allowing easy browsing and new discoveries.

To be launched in 2018 so stay tuned.


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