Eneco StukjeZon®: taking customers along in the move towards a sustainable future

The energy transition is one of the biggest challenges of today. And in order to make sustainable ambitions a reality, everyone is expected to contribute. However, how to get people aware and involved? And how to make it actionable for people?

Sustainable energy for everyone; effortless and easy

In a previous project for Eneco we learned that there is a large group of people who would love to generate their own sustainable energy and be part of the energy transition. However, due to a lack of money, time, knowledge or lack of suitable roofs, they can’t. A second insight is that various stakeholders need to collaborate to make the transition happen, on a national and local level.

What if we help these people and stakeholders in making it extremely easy to be part of the transition. We defined a new strategy to accelerate the energy transition: to empower people to generate sustainable energy together.

But how to bring that strategy to life and make it a reality? This question formed the starting point for a new project: to develop propositions that will convince people of the power of collaboratively generating energy, and make it effortless for everybody to join.

Co-creating with multiple stakeholders

We embarked on a 5-month co-creation programme with Eneco. Several routes were explored and various propositions were developed: collaboration with energy cooperatives and corporates (B2B2C), and direct propositions to consumers (B2C). Some of the questions that we discussed during this project: How to implement our vision? Which partners could contribute to this? And what does the consumer really want?

Together, we collected insights and developed new propositions to create a solid foundation for Eneco to bring their vision to life in society. Through various co-creation workshops and Fast Tracks with all different stakeholders, we were able to make strategic choices that guided towards a more clear and concise portfolio of propositions, with and without partners.

The winning propositions make it easy to understand the transition and easy to join for everyone. Without a lot of money or suitable roofs, people can contribute to a better world.

Sustainable energy, just one swipe away with Eneco StukjeZon®!

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