Eurovision Song Contest 2020: co-creating an innovative and compelling narrative with the Magic 100

Overarching narrative

It was 40 years ago that The Netherlands last hosted the Eurovision Song Contest. Thanks to the victory of Duncan Lawrence in Tel Aviv our country will host the international music competition again in May 2020.The ambition of the Dutch team of producers is to develop a concept that is embraced throughout the Netherlands and positively surprises Europe. Our challenge was to develop an overarching narrative and theme that provides guidance for the concept development and execution of different event elements – from TV-format to stage acts.

Unlock Dutch creativity

The Netherlands is known for its innovation power in different areas. To unlock the creativity of different stakeholders Fronteer organised an extensive co-creation program. Through individual interviews with opinion leaders, expert co-creation workshops and street-interviews in different cities we collected input and ideas on how to make ESC 2020 more inclusive, more engaging and more purpose-driven. And possibly the main question: how to make Dutch citizens proud of ESC 2020?

‘The power of co-creation is to bring together expertises from different backgrounds and industries. By looking at the ESC challenge through different lenses magic happens’.
– Leonie van Mierlo – senior strategist at Fronteer

The Magic 100

During this project we talked to (over a) 100 Dutch citizens, thought leaders and experts who were kind enough to share their input; ‘The Magic 100’. Besides a number of Dutch citizens, some of the many experts we involved were:

Sjoerd Raaijmakers (Vice NL); Karin Swerink (LINDA.); Anna Nooshin (influencer); Frits Huffnagel (Castro Communicatie); Kim Putters (Sociaal Cultureel Planbureau); Howard Komproe (Cabaretier); Alexander Klöpping (Blendle); Bo The (Boomerang Create); Lucien Spee (Stichting Amsterdam Gay Pride); Sil Geurtsen (EndeMol Shine); Rick Brink (Minister van Gehandicaptenzaken); Berna Toprak (Women Inc.); Emma Wortelboer (BNNVARA); Nicky Bruining (FunX); Tim Vermeulen (Dutch Design Foundation); Conrad van Tiggelen (NBTC Holland Marketing); Chris Heijdenrijk (Sail 2020); Simone Weimans (NOS), Lanette Lanting (Kinderraad).

De Magic 100 bij DeWereldDraaitdoor

Stay tuned

Based on all the insights Fronteer is developing an advice that will be presented to the ESC 2020 organising team in September of this year. Stay tuned for more information!

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