When it comes to healthcare and insurance it boils down to one thing: who helps me finding the right treatment, for the right price? Zilveren Kruis makes a positive contribution to people’s lives, co-created by people who care

Zilveren Kruis

Nothing is more complex than the health system in The Netherlands. It is the biggest part or our budget, old-fashioned for the most part and everybody has an opinion about it. The outside world is changing fast and expects the healthcare business to adopt, fast. Increased transparency, vocal consumers, price and quality differentiation, are all strong developments. How to deal with those – AND keep focused on what patients actually need? Zilveren Kruis, part of the biggest Dutch healthcare insurer, set out to create exciting new services.


New concepts

We opened up together with the Zilveren Kruis team. It all started with a co-creation session where industry experts gathered and created a new vision around supporting patients in their journey. Patient advocacy groups, doctors, comparison sites, insurers, all joined in. After the vision part, we validated and enriched a newly developed proposition with patients. We invited chronically ill people and people who had had a treatment recently. After some great insights, deep discussions and sharp observations we felt we knew where we would be heading next. Finally, we invited some brilliant experts from the world of healthcare and digital, user experiences, and created radically new service concepts.



One of the key results of this project has been the shift in thinking on Zilveren Kuis’ side. A new reality had sunk in. This new state of mind finally resulted in the launch of the ‘Zorgverkenner’ where patients are guided on-line in their decision making process. Now, finally, it is possible to see transparently where to go, how they rate, and how much it will cost.

All of this won’t make the illness go away, or even become less painful, but at least finally people feel understood. A step up in empathy from an otherwise highly criticised industry. A positive contribution to people’s lives, co-created by people who care.

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