The Heineken Blade® – from NPD to a three-year Route to Market strategy

Product development often consists of four stages: 1) the fuzzy front-end, 2) product design, 3) product implementation, and 4) the fuzzy back-end. We supported Heineken Nederland in the last phase: the fuzzy back-end, rather the commercialisation and market launch of the product.

Blade®: an innovative new beer draught system

The Heineken Blade® is a revolutionary professional beer draught system. A real challenger in terms of it’s small footprint and innovative compression system that doesn’t require CO2 (or other gasses), allows you to serve premium draught beer from any countertop.

The key question for this project: how might we create the best implementation strategy of the Blade® in the Dutch market? Answering this question involved answering sub-questions like: on which countertop should the Blade® be? Who would benefit the most from the Blade®? What does the RTM and customer journeys look like?

From aspiration to co-creation

We invited a core team of Heineken Nederland; involving Channel, Sales, Brand, and Trade marketing managers to align the long term vision for the Blade® and co-create a suiting roll out strategy. We took their input and data to create a long term vision and strategy, as well as short term actions for all departments involved.

The Blade® is now available for companies and SME’s.
Want to try one out? Visit the online Blade® store here.

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