What does it mean to be a global leader and local champion like Heineken? What role does innovation play in its strategy?

As a brand full of heritage and history, Heineken plays an important role in Dutch society. It is one of our beacon brands and has a large impact locally. How to innovate for such a brand, in a traditional category like beer? We took up the challenge.

In a series of workshops we created fresh new ideas for the Heineken brand. We decided to explore what lies beyond the core of the brand and connect it to trends in- and outside the beer category.

The final result led to new paths of growth and innovation for Heineken. New projects have been started, creating new energy.

We are proud to have been part of the search for meaningful next steps for Heineken. However, we always kept Heineken’s starting point in mind: “Deliver the best beer in the world”.

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Martijn Pater


Babke Hogenhuis

Senior Strategist