Towards Better Living – We co-created the future brand vision for HEMA

In 1926, the first HEMA department store was opened with a clear objective; making an aspirational lifestyle affordable to the many. HEMA became an iconic Dutch retail brand and part of many daily lives. ‘Echt HEMA’, we all know what that means….

Daily life, however, is rapidly changing. Generations of consumers grow up and try to live happy, fulfilled lives. Conscious consuming is a trend. Brands gain new perspectives and are looking for their purpose in this changing world. They create meaning while consumers seek leadership from brands and companies. With a growing world population clustered in and around urban spaces, emerging technological solutions, and climate change, consumers’ habits and needs are changing.

What are we heading for in 2026 (HEMA 100 years)?

The future of the HEMA brand

What will daily lives look like? And what does that mean for the role that the HEMA brand can play? Where does the future lie for this iconic Dutch heritage brand? How far can we stretch the brand and what does that mean for the current brand essence? And can and should HEMA drive for progress? In fact: what does Horizon 3 look like for HEMA?

We took up this challenge together with a multidisciplinary and enthusiastic team from HEMA. Through trend research and co-creation workshops we developed a good understanding of the future and its exciting opportunities. We pushed ourselves to think beyond usual business by visiting inspirational companies; At Blue City we absorbed the world of circularity and at MVRDV we got a better understanding of the future of cities.

Market deep dive: validate and enrich

The most impactful and relevant trends were chosen and transformed into several feasible and valuable brand storylines for HEMA. Since HEMA is a global player, we visited 7 different markets to gain more insights about daily life, the perception of the HEMA brand and to validate the new brand directions. Through co-creation workshops with expert consumers in these markets, we were able to make strategic decisions and move forward. A roadmap was developed including activities to be started.

Sustainable solutions for everyone

At this stage we are not able to share the outcome in further detail. However, we can state that the new brand strategy is very much grounded in the original philosophy of HEMA. HEMA has the unique and natural power to motivate, inspire, and move the ‘many’. With the new brand vision, HEMA can offer daily solutions that are better for planet and for people. And, even more important, are affordable for the many. In the past months, many initiatives have been shared that illustrate the future for HEMA, such as their commitment to sustainable cotton and becoming (single use) plastic-free in 2020.

HEMA won’t stand in this alone. But they are taking the lead. And with partners, creative minds, consumers, and more stakeholders, we can make impact together.


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