Turning HEMA into our favourite brand, once again. We are helping one of the most iconic Dutch brands find its ‘raison d’être’

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In the almost 90 years of its existence, HEMA has become a household name. The Dutch retailer was even voted ‘most unmissable brand’ for the last eight years. But in 90 years even the strongest of personalities can go astray at some point. Fronteer is delighted to have been involved in a series of fascinating projects with HEMA throughout the summer and autumn of 2015. All were centered around a new strategy to help HEMA ‘get back to where it belongs’: nice and snug in the hearts and minds of all Dutch shoppers.

Together with experts from a wide variety of perspectives (TV format developers, celebrities, naughty-tupperware-style-event-organisers, magazine editors, design gurus, surfers, Barbie-marketeers, bicycle-industry-disrupters and fashion experts) we have developed a number of solid building blocks and exciting concepts for the near future.


As a starting point for the project we organised a Parallel Perspectives tour in which we took the HEMA team to visit companies with typical iconic products: Levi’s, Barbie, Tony’s Chocolonely and VanMoof. In several co-creation sessions we created concepts and laid out the foundations for the new company strategy.

We are proud to be helping HEMA find its course and will continue to do so in the coming months. Stay tuned for their new ‘Super Normaal’ strategy

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