Huishoudbeurs 2020 proof

The Huishoudbeurs is one of the Netherland’s biggest retail platforms with and incredibly high average spending per visitor. However, the online market is not tapping into its offline potential. How can we interest online players to partner with Huishoudbeurs and create propositions that play to the strengths of both parties?

By co-creating with online retailers we were able to map relevant trends and the pains, gains and needs of the online retailers. After having defined possible pain-relievers and gain-creators for the online retailers, we were able to write propositions that would benefit both parties.

By opening up the regular business model of the househoudbeurs we discovered a wealth of possible propositions that were able to draw online players into an offline market.

In 2017 Wehkamp opened a stall on the Huishoudbeurs for the first time.

Source photo: huishoudbeurs

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